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Global Boat Market delivers your yacht, boat, and marine products and services directly to the virtual doorstep of your target market.

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TheWave is a daily email publication sent to our 70,000 recipient email list, featuring vessels, products and services for sale. Each day, thousands of vessels are listed for sale on and off-market TheWave is THE place to find the latest deals in the Marine World.

TheWave is based on a successful business model developed for Plane Fax, where a daily classified publication is mailed out to an exclusive list of Aviation Industry professional that help move thousands of aircraft each year.

Not only does TheWave offer of the latest information on vessels for sale and marine services, it offers cost-effective marketing and advertising solutions that work! A simple classified line ad can potentially sell anything from small boats to multi-million dollar yachts. Service providers will love TheWave as a tool for branding and consistent market exposure, delivered directly to over 70,000 boat owners, charter operators and high wealth individual's inboxes every day.

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